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We will find the cause of your pain and treat it right away!

We know that severe pain can greatly impact every aspect of your life – your work, health and everyday functioning. If you've tried a conventional approach to pain relief and have been unsuccessful, it may be time to speak to us about our interventional approach.

At All of Pain, we provide comprehensive treatment options for chronic pain, including Interventional Pain Management, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy.⁠


Picture of Dr. baruch Kim

Dr. Baruch Kim

Medical Director

Interventional Pain Physician

Picture of  Dr. Thomas Lai

Dr. Thomas Lai

Doctor of Chiropractic

Picture of Dr. Wooseok Choi

Dr. Wooseok Choi

Doctor of Chiropractic

Picture of Dr. Seoyeon Yoo

Dr. Seoyeon Yoo

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Picture of Dr. Amber Liao

Dr. Amber Liao

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Picture of John Chu

John Chu

Physician Associate

Picture of Katie Bae

Katie Bae

VP of Site Operations


Picture of Alison Xia

Alison Xia


Picture of Yoko Kotsuka

Yoko Kotsuka


a picture of Juyun Woo

Juyun Woo


Picture of Cui Zhen He

Cui Zhen He

Massage Therapist

Picture of Joany Zimenez

Joany Jimenez

Massage Therapist

Picture of Shane Changxiang Liu

Shane Changxiang Liu

Massage Therapist

a picture of Youngson Son

Youngsun Son

Site Operation Manager

temporary image

Fanny Zhao

Site Operation Manager

a picture of Julianne Valdez

Julianne Valdez

Director of Patient Relations

a picture of Joan Oja

Joan Lyan Oja

Patient Care Representative

a picture of Christine Orcino

Christine Orcino

Medical Front Representative

a picture of Sally Gaytano

Sally Gaytano

Front desk and Patient Retention Specialist

a picture of Ara Maglaqui

Ara Maglaqui

Patient Support

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