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picture of Dr. Seoyeon Yoo


  • Licensed Physical Therapist for 17 years.


  • Korean Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy.

  • Dominican University New York.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Meet Dr. Seoyeon Yoo, DPT

Dr. Yoo is a warm-hearted and compassionate Physical Therapist who deeply understands her patients' needs, striving to provide the best treatment and achieve optimal results. With 17 years of experience since 2006, she has established herself as a trusted healthcare professional in her field.

Dr. Yoo earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Dominican University in New York. Additionally, she is a multi-certified resource recognized by the Korean Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, showcasing her dedication to expanding her knowledge and expertise.

Specializing in various musculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Yoo excels in accurately diagnosing problems related to the spine, such as cervicogenic headaches, and cervicalgia, as well as conditions affecting the shoulder, upper back, mid-back, and lower back-to-foot pain. In addition, she tailors her treatment approach to each patient, utilizing manual therapy techniques and various exercise therapy methods.

With a diverse patient group and extensive treatment experience, she places great importance on understanding and addressing her patients' discomfort. Her empathetic approach ensures that her patients feel comfortable and supported throughout their therapy journey.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Yoo enjoys nurturing plants and cultivating her green thumb. She also possesses various hobbies, including creating perfumes, cosmetics and exploring her culinary skills through cooking. In her personal time, she embraces tranquility through yoga practices and enjoys leisurely walks with her dog.

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