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[New York Pain Management] Reasons Why Back Pain Is An Issue You Should Never Ignore

Updated: Jun 26

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Back pain can be a very serious issue. It is one of the most common issues that can be faced not just by individuals but also by people in the workplace. It can affect ordinary people from all walks of life. The fact of the matter is that back pain doesn't discriminate; it affects all genders and ages, regardless if you're an athlete or a senior citizen. What may seem to be a minor backache could lead to more serious damage to your health.

Back pain can have long-term effects on your life, and having proper treatment is critical. But our New York pain management specialists can help you with treatments because living with back pain is no way to live.

While most people would rather not talk about back pain, the reality is that it's an issue that needs to be addressed before it's too late. In this blog, we discuss why back pain is something you should never ignore.

It Can Be Debilitating

Back pain can make it difficult to do your daily tasks and lead to depression and anxiety. If you're unable to do the things you enjoy, it can make your life miserable. Back pain can keep you from being able to do the things that you want and need to do on a daily basis. If your back hurts so much that you don't want to get out of bed in the morning, then this is definitely something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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It Can Lead To Further Injury Or Disability

If you don't get treatment for your back pain, it could become worse over time, making everyday activities more difficult or even impossible. This may lead to further problems like depression or social isolation due to not being able to participate in activities with family members or friends who don't have physical limitations.

It Can Be A Sign Of A Serious Medical Condition

As mentioned above, back pain is very common in American adults — but there are times when it's not just from being stiff or sore from sitting too long in front of a computer screen all day long.

Instead, back pain may be caused by a number of serious medical conditions, including fractured vertebrae, ruptured discs, and ruptured ligaments (ligaments connect bones together). All three can require treatment, such as physical therapy, to recover fully.

It Could Signal Fractures

If you have a fracture in your spine (which consists of bones called vertebrae), this could cause severe back pain that gets worse when you move or stand up. Fractures usually occur after a fall or accident and can be caused by osteoporosis (where bones lose density).

If you have severe or sudden back pain that doesn't go away after two weeks, you should see a health professional right away because it could be a sign of a serious problem like a broken bone (spine). They may ask about your symptoms and examine your spine with their hands to check for tenderness and muscle spasms.

They might also order X-rays or an MRI scan to see if there are any broken bones inside your spine or discs between vertebrae in your lower back. If there is no evidence of broken bones, it's likely that you have soft tissue damage.

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It Could Mean You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic back pain in older adults. It can occur after an injury or trauma but often develops gradually over time due to wear and tear on bones and joints from everyday activities like walking up stairs or bending over to pick something up off the ground.

Arthritis causes inflammation around joints, which leads to stiffness, swelling, and tenderness in those areas that become painful when pressure is applied. Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis that occurs when cartilage wears away from bones in the joint. The resulting bone-to-bone contact can cause mild to severe pain and discomfort in the affected area.

It May Be Caused By A Pinched Nerves In Your Spine

A pinched nerve occurs when something gets trapped between two bones or tissues in your spine and presses on the nerve root leading from your spinal cord out of that area of the spine (for example, between two vertebrae). This causes neurological symptoms such as tingling, numbness, or weakness down one side of your body. If you experience any of these symptoms, it's important to get them checked out by a pain specialist as soon as possible.

It Could Be Damaging Your Muscles And Bones

Many people think back pain is just part of getting older, but it's a sign that something is wrong with your spine. If you continue to ignore the pain, it can lead to more serious problems down the road, such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis.

The spine consists of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. When any one of these gets injured or damaged, it can lead to back pain as well as other symptoms. When you have back pain, it can make it difficult to walk or stand up straight.

But if you keep moving when you have back pain, then you could actually damage the muscles and bones in your back even more than they already are damaged from working all day long. This can cause problems in other parts of the body as well.

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It Can Persist For More Than Three Days

If your back pain has persisted for more than three days, it is time to see a pain specialist. If the cause of your back pain is not identified or treated within this time frame, it could lead to further problems such as muscle spasms, nerve irritation, and even arthritis. You should also consider seeing a pain specialist if the pain worsens after three days or if you notice any other symptoms, such as numbness or weakness in the arms or legs.

You Have A History Of Back Problems

If you have had previous episodes of back problems, then seeing a health professional immediately when you experience new symptoms can help prevent future complications and injuries from developing. Knowing what caused previous episodes of back pain can also help determine what treatment options are best for you.

You Could Be At Risk For More Serious Conditions

Back pain is often associated with other medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. If left untreated, these diseases become more serious over time if not addressed immediately.

It May Not Get Better On Its Own

While mild back pain usually disappears on its own, severe chronic pain can have a significant impact on your life. Back pain is not something that just goes away on its own; instead, it usually gets worse over time if left untreated.

Your body does not have the ability to heal itself from this condition without treatment. The longer you wait for treatment, the harder it will be to recover completely from your injury or condition in the future!

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Ignoring Back Pain May Make It Worse

This is because when you suffer from back pain, you tend to become more stressed out and anxious about what is causing the pain and how to get rid of it fast. This will make you tenser, making your muscles tighten up, further exacerbating the situation and leading to increased stiffness and soreness in your back and neck area.

What Should You Do Now

Don't wait for it to worsen! As we mentioned, the sooner you start treatment for lower back pain, the better off you'll be. If you have persistent back pain and ignore it, not only could it get worse, but it could lead to more severe or even chronic back pain. Better book an appointment now!

Consult with our New York pain management specialist if you have severe or persistent back pain because there are other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, and a proper diagnosis is necessary to determine what treatment plan will work for you. We offer treatment options that can help reduce the pain and keep your body functioning well.


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