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Laser Therapy


The MR4 LaserStim™ is the world’s first and only FDA-cleared device combining neurological electrical stimulation and laser in a single probe. Our Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology™ (TARGET) provides pain relief by constantly scanning tissue to quickly locate areas needing treatment and automatically giving the proper dose of super pulsed laser. Use the included Acupuncture / Trigger Point Probes to treat smaller, targeted acupuncture points and trigger points without needles.

*This device is FDA-cleared under NHN 510(k) Number K171354 and is indicated for adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin.


Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers use innovative technology to deliver light energy to tissue, which reduces pain and increases circulation.

Cascading Energy Effect™ Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers combine three clinically proven wavelengths to create the Cascading Energy Effect™, allowing for deeper penetration and enhanced absorption of light.

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Super Pulsed Laser

The super pulsed laser (905nm) produces high powered light in billionth-of-a-second pulses.

The power of each pulse drives the photons deep into the target tissue. Multi Radiance Medical technology creates a high photon density, strongly reducing pain and improving micro-circulation.

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