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Welcome to All Of Pain Interventional Pain Management & Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation. All Of Pain is an advanced interventional pain management center with PM&R and also, a place for healing. More than 75 million Americans suffer from chronic, debilitating pain, according to the National Pain Foundation. 'Research America' released the results of a survey of 1,000 people in the United States that showed that 57% of all adults have had chronic or recurrent pain in the last year and that 75% of people currently in with it had to make adjustments to their lifestyle due to it.
Chronic pain also accounts for more than 80% of all physician visits and leads to time off work and lost productivity. Interventional pain management is a specialized field in medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and/or acute pain and other related disorders. 
An interventional pain physician has extensive training in order to treat a variety of pain-related conditions. The art of pain medicine allows the interventional pain management physician to affect people's lives directly. If you've tried a conventional approach to relieving pain and have been unsuccessful, it may be time to speak to us about our interventional pain management approach. Severe pain can affect every aspect of your life; your work, your health, and your everyday functioning. It's time to start living without it!

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