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picture of Dr. Hoon Choi


  • Licensed Chiropractor for more than 12 years


  • Columbia University. Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.
    Specialization in orthopedics

  • Carnegie Mellon University. Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

  • Internship at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital

  • Internship at Mount Sinai West

Meet Dr. Hoon Choi, PT, DPT

Dr. Hoon Choi obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University, followed by a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Columbia University, with a specialization in orthopedics. His academic path included internships at prestigious institutions such as NewYork-Presbyterian Allen Hospital and Mount Sinai West.

Dr. Choi specializes in treating orthopedic conditions, particularly those affected by lifestyle factors, and post-operative care. He is dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Additionally, Dr. Choi has a keen interest in sports injuries, embracing the complexity of these cases and applying innovative methods to accelerate recovery and return to preferred activities.

Dr. Choi believes in fostering open and honest communication with his patients, ensuring they feel heard and understood throughout their treatment journey. He provides individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs, considering factors such as their lifestyle, goals, and preferences.

With a compassionate demeanor, Dr. Choi devotes himself to listening intently to his patients' concerns, establishing a welcoming environment where they feel encouraged to share their experiences and inquire about their health. He approaches each individual with respect and dignity, valuing the diversity of their experiences and perspectives, thus fostering a partnership built on mutual understanding and trust.

Dr. Choi maintains an active lifestyle outside of the clinic, participating in activities like tennis, golf, hiking, and consistent gym workouts. This not only ensures his physical well-being but also allows him to indulge in his favorite hobby—eating.

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